Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bathroom Underfloor Heating

Bathroom Underfloor Heating
Since electric under floor heating is required to heat the floor between 22 and 26°C, they are more comfortable compared to radiators.

Electric under floor heating is available in different kinds like:

Laminate floor heating
Under tile heating
Bathroom underfloor heating
Conservatory heating
Carpet heating

Insulation also ensures that the floor is not unduly heated.

Underfloor heating has an upper hand as compared to water heating systems as it does not require four hours of heating like the latter does. Underfloor heating is one of the most used heating options today specially in private residences. It may be either of the two- hydronic heating or electric heating. This underfloor heating system can be also used as towel warmers. Use underfloor heating systems in your bathroom and enjoy the warmth even in cold chilly winters.

In most cases, underfloor heating can be the primary source of heating in a home that is adequately insulated. It is also advisable to add floor insulation when the underfloor heating is installed, to prevent heat loss into the sub-floor, otherwise more energy will be used to heat the room.

There are generally two different types of underfloor heating: warm water (wet) systems, or electric (dry) systems. Underfloor heating is not a new phenomenon. Underfloor heating is the way forward to improve your home and business.

Eliminate one of life's little annoyances when you install underfloor heating in your home. Underfloor heating isn't a new concept. How does underfloor heating work? This form of heating works through heat convection and radiant heat - versus forced heating that has convection alone. Underfloor heating pipes circulate heated water or you can choose to have electric cable, mesh or film heaters under your floor as well. While some duct air conditioning units can lose heat through leaks in the duct system, underfloor heating is in the room under the floor and prevents loss of heat. If you are thinking about upgrading your home, underfloor heating is a must. Have you ever thought about the underfloor heating system installed in your house? One can also purchase underfloor heating mats and cables that will go easily under your current flooring system.
It also heats up the flooring and naturally heats up the place.
This makes this system a customized solution for heating. This heating system is the most efficient and flexible option available for heating your area.
This heating system uses radiant heat to warm the room. Underfloor heating uses the natural conduction of heat to warm the rooms whereas the traditional duct system does not use natural conduction of heat.

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