Monday, December 6, 2010

Heated Bathroom Floor

Heated Bathroom Floor
We all know cold weather makes your heating bill rise. Heated floors can save you money on your heating bill. Warm floors make you warmer. The cost to install heated floors in your bathroom is around $700. Be prepared for those cold winter days and nights with warm floors. Start looking today for best system to heat your floors for the long cold winter.

Nothing feels better on a cold winter morning than walking into your bathroom and feeling a heated floor. If you have a bathroom with cold floors, you may want to look into installing some type of heating underneath them.

What it does use is hot water, steam pipes, or electric resistance coils to heat your floor. Tile over tile means exactly what it says, but in this case you're going to sandwich a layer of radiant heating mats between the old and the new tile. Tile over tile is an easy way to avoid the mess associated with tearing up the old bathroom floor, but requires thorough planning.

Before you install a radiant heat mat over the old bathroom tile and install new tile over the mat, you should check the floor for deflection. If the floor moves it has a deflection problem and is not a good candidate for tile over tile installation until you reinforce the sub-floor.

Remove or re-attach broken tile pieces. Some radiant systems, like Quickmat, are self-adhesive and require no mortar to secure them to the old tile floor.

Since you won't be covering the entire floor with heating mats(under the toilet), make sure the mortar in these areas is level with the mortar covering the heating mats.

Your new radiant heated bathroom floor looks beautiful and you can't wait to get warm feet. If you're doing a bathroom remodel anyway, you can add thin heating elements that run under your tile in order to give you warm, toasty floors.

Although tile is one of the coldest flooring materials in your home, it would also feel nice to warm other types of flooring, and you can do so with radiant bathroom floor heating. You can choose between radiant heat that will use hot water, steam pipes, or electricity to warm the floors. Radiant bathroom floor heating can give you that luxury for a very affordable price. The way this flooring system works is that you have a contractor make a template of your bathroom floor which he then sends to the manufacturer who will custom-make a heating mat to exactly fit your floor. Radiant bathroom floor heating is an excellent choice for small areas. It will actually keep you warmer than forced-air heat, because it warms your feet.

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